WP plugin: MoreMoney (a.k.a Buhonejo)

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Note: NoPuedoCreer dot com is a Spanish blog, please excuse my attempt to translate it in English. English is a beautiful language but it is not my native tongue. Thank you.


MoreMoney identifies where the visitor comes from and, if he comes from a search engine like Google, Yahoo or MSN, it shows a message configurable from WordPress Options Menu.

Usually in the message we’ll include a welcome text and/or ads than we don’t want to show to our regular users.

We can also include the search’s keywords and the search engines’s name.


You can see the plugin running if your search in Google, in example: catálogo interactivo IKEA. You’ll find on the top results a link to “No puedo creer que lo hayan inventado”, clicking on it you’ll see our personalized message for Google users.

If you go directly to the site, writing www.nopuedocreer.com on the browser, that message is not shown.


  • Upload the zip file and unzip it on the folder /plugins. The plugin has two files: wp-moremoney.php and options-moremoney.php
  • Activate the plugin.
  • Write the message (optionally, with ad code) than you want to show to the users coming from search engines (Menú Options-Moremoney).
    To include on the message the search keywords, write #keywords#.
    To include on the message the search engine’s name, write #source#.
    You can use CSS on the message.
  • Write < ?php wpmm_ShowMoreMoney(); ?> on the WP template where you want the message to be shown. In example, to see it under the header, include it before < ?php if (have_posts()) on the files “single.php”, “index.php” and “archive.php”



MoreMoney developed by Dani «Troy» Gonzalez www.nopuedocreer.com

Creative Commons License