«Descansos» para víctimas de la carretera


descanso   descansos

Es muy común encontrar en los puntos negros de nuestras carreteras ofrendas florales para aquellos que han perdido la vida allí. Curiosamente, en inglés, esta práctica es conocida con el término ‘descanso‘. En Australia uno de cada cinco accidentes mortales son recordados de esta forma.

Esto impacta a los conductores y les recuerda la importancia de ser prudente al volante.

Memento Tranmission es una propuesta para colocar un transmisor piezoeléctrico en la calzada, en el lugar del accidente. Cuando la rueda de un vehículo pasa sobre él, emite una señal que interfiere con la radio o móvil del conductor, comunicando el nombre de la víctima y el número de días que está activo.


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    I apologize that I cannot type in Spanish. I am writing this letter to find out if anyone knows anything about this new movie called DESCANSOS. Apparently, there is a lot of conflict about this because of the chain letter that went out trying to stop a government program in the U.S. where prisoners will get paid for tearing down roadside memorials.

    My blog’s URL is listed above with more information. I guess the movie also talks about Descansos being haunted and I totally disagree with that. It is not possible! Does anyone else know more about this?

    Here is the whole chain letter that me and many of my friends got. I was told it originated from an organization called Citizens Against Waste.

    Here is the full letter…


    Roadside memorials seem to be multiplying these days. You see more and more along the highways and country roads all over the world. The saddest ones mark the deaths of elderly, or small children who got hit crossing the road.

    Now, the government is getting involved. Authorities are concerned that the controversial new movie «DESCANSOS» (which glorifies roadside memorials) will encourage a surge in the number of memorials and strain the resources of roadcrews who won’t be able to tear them down due to the overwhelming numbers.

    Their idiotic solution is this: More pavement! a multi-TRILLION dollar project is being proposed to pave more road shoulders as a way to discourage people from planting crosses in the soft soil. So the roads will become just slightly wider, but they won’t be adding any lanes. It’s a silly waste of money. And your taxes will be raised to pay for it! Worse yet, it will put paychecks in the hands of convicts who work on the prison roadcrews.

    The US government plans on starting in California as early as late October, in hopes of preventing a new crop of memorials anticipated when «Descansos» is expected to make its first appearance at the American Film Market in Santa Monica. Help us prevent the government’s money wasting madness. Send this email to 10 of your friends. Then, contact your elected officials and tell them to STOP THE NATIONAL PAVEMENT PROJECT.

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